1. New to sex_(2)

    12/3/2022: My infancy was a well protected one, being the only child at home made me an introvert, playing by myself and no friends to play after school, this lasted until my teens year (not sure, I cannot remember, it was such a long time ago. Unbeknown to me, changes were coming, they came in the form of an step brother (Robert) he was the eldest son of my step-father he came to continue his read Sex Story
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  2. Swinging Around

    12/3/2022: The girl at the party He pulled up with my favorite pizza and a bottle of Jack ready to go. I opened a high noon in the car and started in on the pizza. (Wasn't driving) It was a new kind for me to try. Pineapple and vodka was the listed flavor but it mostly just tasted like the after taste you have when you chug beer. Momma didnt raise a quitter so I finished it despite the poor taste. When read Sex Story
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  3. Turned On By Exposed Naked Wife Part 3 Of 4

    12/2/2022: The week after our horny interlude in the club, we had had rough hard sex every night since, with the odd romantic sensual session in between. We were highly sexual already but this was above and beyond. My wife and I went out on a mini pub crawl. Seven b read Sex Story
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  4. A True Tale From My Travels

    12/1/2022: The only light in the small motel room comes through the sheer curtain behind the partially open drapes. I watch as she approaches and places her cherry red lips against mine. A heartbeat later, my arms wrap around her and she reciprocates and we hold eac read Sex Story
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  5. The first Ride along

    11/30/2022: It all started when Aden asked if he could ride one night, ya see I was a police officer in a small town and pretty much nothing happened, it was not unusual for people to come out and do ride-along on night shift. Aden wanted to ride and I said of course no problem he was a nice guy and I know his dad who was an officer for the county. Aden was 18 and I was 21 just old enough to be an officer of read Sex Story
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  6. Social Distancing

    11/28/2022: 23 March 2020. Week 3 of CoVid-19 here and believe me, in a few days, the threat became real. People suddenly started having the shits; no toilet paper in the shops, shelves were stripped of essential groceries. For me, as shopping is a daily chore, I read Sex Story
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    11/28/2022: MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 34 CELEBRATION SEX I was just returned from the market after buying some house hold material and was waiting for my husband to return from his office. I was dressed in my sari. The door bell ringed and I found my husband very very happy on the door. "It's time to celebrate!" He told me. I knew that he was working hard on a project and he might have got read Sex Story
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  8. boating cousin's

    11/28/2022: My story starts back in 2013 i had a cousin peggy that lived a county over. We talked on the phone a lot after I hooked her up with a friend. He lied to her a lot about coming to see her. So she would text me asking about Tony and crying about him lying to her. At this time I was traveling around the country for my job and was going text from her crying about him so I text her back and said fuck read Sex Story
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  9. Vickie Tries a New Cock (4)

    11/28/2022: Vickie rubbed her swollen clit as she relaxed in the soapy water of her garden tub. Her husband Frank would be coming home from work soon. He was leaving the office early today. Vickie was looking forward to him sinking his fat dick in her before their son arrived home from school. She inserted a couple of fingers in her pussy as she continued to stimulate for clit. She thought about dropping to read Sex Story
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  10. Allen

    11/27/2022: I first came to know him in my class. He was then a shy and reserved kid. He was a young lad at 12. Ten years passed. As has always been, I forget almost all the students who sat on my classes. He is no exception. I was sipping my favorite espresso o read Sex Story
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