1. Jenny's Ladies Night Fun

    6/27/2022: Three of my girlfriends and I decided to go out on a ladies night to a local upscale bar in Monmouth County, NJ, that we know and frequent, for a few drinks and some dancing. Beforehand, in a group text, we kept joking about what the night might bring. Wo read Sex Story
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  2. Innocent sister in law POONAM f

    6/25/2022: Hello Readers . The story that i am going to tell you is about my cousin’s wife Poonam . She married my brother when she was 28 . At that time i was around 18 years old . Since i was close to my cousin , she was always really friendly with me . She is a fun woman and at the same time insanely hot . With a slightly wheatish complexion and long black hair , she is a perfect Indian woman read Sex Story
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  3. His Wife finds out - Now she my Whore

    6/20/2022: I am 24 and live near the ocean and love my single life. I never want to get married because the women in my neighborhood are to good to give up. I'm still in pretty good shape. I still have my athletic frame from high school. I am 6ft 4in and work on cars for a living. I fuck many lonely women in my shop as I work on there cars. Sometimes I trade sex for repair work. My friend Dave came by the read Sex Story
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  4. A fantasy becoming reality 1

    6/18/2022: I'm not sure how it happened but I'm glad it did. One minute I was sitting at home mastubating then she called "hey Jake what are you doing tonight" she said. "nothing" I said zipping up my pants. "good want to go see a movie" "what movie" "it doesn't matter well decided on the way" "ok" I got ready and called a cab and went to go pick her up. I got to her house and there she was waiting read Sex Story
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  5. My Lush Lynn

    6/15/2022: Lynn is totally my lush. She also happens to be my best friend, business partner, and has been dating Graham, her long-distance lover, for several years. This is another of our many stories. I’m Alex and I too am in a long-distance relationship with Mel read Sex Story
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  6. Yvonne after Steve:"The Plumber & the Rugby Team

    6/15/2022: We left off the first story of Steve and Yvonne after Yvonne talked with the children and told her husband, Rob, that she was going to be serving as a sex slave for a full five months. Yvonne and Steve went back into the kitchen for a cup of tea and Steve said "Five months? Are you really ready to live here with me for five months?" Yvonne replied "If you'll have me that long." Steve smiled and read Sex Story
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  7. Looked Older - Part 2

    6/13/2022: Things with Barbara cooled off after awhile. Neither one of us was looking for a big commitment. We really didn’t have much in common besides the sex. I have to say she taught me a lot, though. I discovered I loved eating pussy and, according to here, I was a natural. To this day I love looking up from between a woman’s legs and seeing her moaning and wiggling because of what I am doing with my read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Cheating Mature / Older Pregnant, Teen Author: Yossarian66, Source: sexstories.com
  8. The Rookie_(0)

    6/12/2022: EVERYONE IN THIS STORY IS EIGHTEEN OR OLDER. Thirty-two years ago, I was a Rookie Police Officer employed by a large Metropolitan Police Department and was eighteen months into my two-year probationary period. We didn't have designated FTO's (Field Training Officers) back then. However, we still had to be partnered with a veteran police officer. The veteran officer was supposed to teach me how read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Cheating Consensual Sex Job / Office Sex Mature / Older Author: JSipes7798, Source: sexstories.com
  9. The Sexy Story of Leanna (Part Three)

    6/11/2022: Thursday morning rolled around and I waited to see Leanna’s car come into the cul-de-sac so we could spirit it away inside my garage away from the eyes of the neighbors. She arrived at 8:15 and once the garage door shut behind her car, she jumped out and into my arms holding me so tight. She looked up into my eyes and said breathlessly, “I could not sleep last night, all I did was think about how read Sex Story
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  10. Daughter in law 1-2(continuation)

    6/10/2022: Cheri hated this. She and her husband needed to get money from her in-laws -- again. "Where's Marsha?" Dan let his daughter-in-law in, "My better half isn't here right now." Shit, Cheri thought, now I have to ask him and he doesn't like me. She sat in a chair opposite her father-in-law. "Adair and I need about a $1000 to get some stuff." "Of course you do, why else would you fucking come read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Cheating Incest / Taboo Straight Sex Mature / Older Author: otu edgar, Source: sexstories.com