1. Fable

    Date: 8/18/2022, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Body Modification, Straight Sex Author: Merc098, Source: sexstories.com

    When I was younger, I discovered that I could use magic. At first, I kept this to myself and used my new-found power to make my toys come to life for short periods of time. As I got older, I continued to keep my magic a secret from my family without any concerns. Using tombs, I found in the old library I quickly discovered the different types of magic and their practical uses. Soon I put what I had read into practice, conjuring up glyphs and barriers. Manipulating the elements to help with my daily chores. Every spell I read quickly became second nature to me, weaving the arcane arts as if I were a conductor leading his orchestra. Being the son of a woodsmen and baker kept my days full of work. In the early hours, I would help my mother with her shop, then I would hurry off to join my father and elder brother in the forest. We would cut down only the old dying trees for firewood, the adult trees would be used for building supplies and various other things.
    By the age of seventeen I had mastered dozens of spells, I had kept my power a secret from everyone; except my older brother. He caught me using an arcane attack spell. He didn’t ask too much mostly about when I started and what I could do, then he gave me a warning to be more careful where I practiced. If anyone else found out about my magic I would be sent away from home to train with the master mages at their remote fortress. I promised him I’d be more careful in the future. Word of advice: Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
    It was mid spring the day that my life changed.
    It was a regular day same as any other before, I helped my mother with her bakery then hurried off to help my father and fellow woodsmen cut down some old trees. When we stopped for lunch, I wandered off deeper into the woods. I came to an area where dozens of fallen trees that made this area more open. So, there I was minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye I notice something moving. I stopped and turned to look at whatever was there. Not more than three yards away stood a beautiful wolf with reddish-brown fur and blue eyes. As my eyes fell upon her, her gaze fixed upon me.
    I dared not move lest I force her to attack. Silence fell upon the area, as we stared at each other wondering what would take place and who would make the first move. As it turns out she was the first, but her demeaner suddenly changed as her ear twitched. Her once calm and relaxed features tensed as she turned her head to her right. Her fur stood up on end and her snarl alerted me to the sound of something big crashing through the brush.
    I could tell what ever was making its way over was not far off. Considering that I started casting glyphs around the area. I figured the wolf would run off, but I would have to stay and keep whatever was coming from getting near the town. Once my glyphs were in place, I moved to position myself to that I would be the first thing the creature saw.
    There was just one problem. The wolf, ...