1. My Life: Part 09: Early Morning Visit

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    ... "I love my Daddy"
    I headed out, I looked at the clock on the dash and realized that Katie was likely done for the day. I called her.
    She said "I am over at Happy Lemon, the one at UTC getting boba with Cheryl, Jess, and Suni -- remember the girls who I went to high school with? If you are close, why don't you swing by."
    So, I made a quick U-turn and headed to the shopping center. I found parking and made my way over to where the tables were in the center.
    I spotted the girls sitting at the table, enjoying their boba, chattering and laughing with each other. I quietly pulled up a chair and sat next to Katie. She had already ordered me a mango boba.
    "Sooooo... Is this your husband???" the one girl said as she eyed me.
    "Yes, all mine!" She leaned over and gave me a loving kiss.
    She introduced me to each of the girls. They all had played soccer with Katie but we're a year older. They had graduated and we're off at college before Katie and I had met. I had heard various stories but had never had a chance to meet them until now.
    "Well, I see why you hurried and got married and made a baby! Congratulations!" the girl I later found out was Suni said.
    I think Katie and I blushed a little at the compliment.
    I didn't say much else during our time there, unless Katie asked me a question. I let them catch up on the last year. I noticed the girls catching glances at me as the others talked.
    It was Katie who noticed the time. "Oh the girls!", referring to our and Reagan's daughters at school.
    "I will go pick them up from school." I said.
    "Well I should go too, I'll get home and make dinner." Katie said. She was still saying her goodbyes and giving hugs as I walked away to go pick up the kids.
    Late that night, as we were nearing sleep, Katie whispered. "Do you think if I told my friends about our crazy little life that they would be interested or ridicule us?"
    "I don't think they would understand but I don't know." I replied as I kissed her.
    "Maybe ONE day I will get up the courage to tell them."