1. My Life: Part 09: Early Morning Visit

    Date: 8/16/2022, Categories: Diary , Anal Asian, Ass to Mouth, Consensual Sex Straight Sex Romance / Love Stories Wife / MILF Author: The Story Author, Source: sexstories.com

    ... bed."
    "Then I will stay until then." I told her.
    "Really? You are sweet!"
    We cuddled for quite a while. She would kiss my cheek and trace her fingers back and forth across my chest. She would laugh every time she got close to my nipple as it always made me squirm.
    "Noooo... I need to shower before class because I smell like sweat and cum. And I need to pee." she said as she dejectedly got up from the bed.
    She went into the bathroom, and I followed.
    She stood in front of the mirror, combing tangles out of her hair. .I turned on the shower and adjusted it to a warm temp for her. "All set!"
    "You are so sweet, but aren't you joining me?" she asked teasingly. "Come on we can have some fun!".
    She pushed me under the shower and began washing my body. She soaped me all over and rinsed me off.
    She then washed her own body with my assistance. She used a body wash to scrub away any rents of our depraved encounter. She then grabbed a bar of soap and said "Guessing Steph won't mind if we use this."
    She twirled it in her hands as they became very covered with it. She then soaped my dick thoroughly with those hands. "Don't rinse if off!" she ordered as she pushed me away from the faucet.
    Naomi leaned against the wall with one hand. She spread her legs slightly and I watched as she vigorously rubbed Stephanie's bar of soap against her tight ass hole.
    "Okay, I think that is good and slippery now! Fuck me in the ass Daddy! Rape my tight little hole!"
    She dropped the bar of soap and steadied herself against the shower wall as I stepped forward. I bent slightly and pressed my slippery soapy shaft against her ass and entered. The soap helped immensely for entry. It was still immensely tight but at least better lubricated.
    I started fucking slowly, letting her little body acclimate to this thick intruder. But Naomi was having none of that. "Hard Daddy, I want you to pound it!". So pound it did! Her little soapy hole made obscene sounds as I fucked it like a jack hammer. She moaned and cried out. "Ohhhhh Daddy!"
    I didn't let up even though the soapy sensation was gone, replaced with sweatiness of extreme sex.
    I grunted loudly as her ass squeezed on my thrusting cock. Then I let loose, cumming inside her tight little ass. I thrust several more times to ensure I had emptied out as much as I could.
    She gasped loudly. I pulled my cock out and she dropped to her knees. She ran her tounge along it and then took it in her mouth. She squeezed it with her hands to get out the last of the cum.
    She then stood up, turned off the water, and shakingly got out of the shower. She was still trying to breath steadily.
    "Okay, I don't think I am made for anal. That still hurts! But as long as Daddy is happy!"
    I kissed her. I then hurriedly brushed my teeth and finished cleaning up and got ready. She followed likewise.
    I drove her to class as she was running late. Before she got out, she turned to me and kisses me on the cheek. ...