1. My Life: Part 09: Early Morning Visit

    Date: 8/16/2022, Categories: Diary , Anal Asian, Ass to Mouth, Consensual Sex Straight Sex Romance / Love Stories Wife / MILF Author: The Story Author, Source: sexstories.com

    ... ass cheeks was replaced by heat emitting from her loins.
    She kissed me, just a peck at first, but then with tounge. Then she stopped. "I am sorry, I probably have morning breath" she said with an embarrassed tone.
    "You are fine!" I reassured her with a kiss.
    She continued to kiss me and then pushed me onto my back. She was straddling me. Her petite body was mashed against me.
    "So, I was smiling because you chose me after Stephanie this morning. I was wondering why."
    "Who says I didn't have a round with her first?" I teased.
    She frowned for a minute, but then said "I know didn't because you still smell fresh of body wash. But anyway, can I tell you something? I really liked when you choked me so hard during our first sex. I liked how you raped my ass to -- I hated the feeling of it, but loved that you were forcing me. I loved our naughty fun in the bathroom. I love it all. But know I am not just a fuck toy."
    "I know that!" I insisted.
    "Do you? Do I mean anything to you or am I just a girl for you to get your rocks off as some crazy fantasy with your wife? Because you mean everything to me. Stephanie thinks I am crazy, because she thinks one day Katie will tell you that you can't mess around with girls anymore and then I will be left all alone. I told her I didn't care. I really want you to be my only man for the rest of my life. I am in love with you."
    "You are? Really?" I responded.
    "Yes. I am. I wish I could have babies with you. "
    "Wow!" was all I could say before pulling her close and kissing her.
    She pushed back from me and looked me in the eyes. She pulled her thin shirt over her head.
    Her naked little body looked so vulnerable there as she wondered what I was thinking.
    She raised her body and guided my throbbing shaft to her tight hole. She grimaced as I entered. She worked her hips from side to side as I entered.
    I pulled her against me. "Don't worry." I kissed her lips again.
    She smiled. "Okay Daddy!"
    I took her hips and guided her movements up and down.
    "Daddy, ummm can I ask question?"
    "Sure" I replied.
    "Are you huge? Or am I just really small?"
    I smiled. "Well, I guess I am a bit thicker than average. But I am not really 'huge'. You are just abnormally small for your age."
    She smiled a big smile. "That is what I thought. I like it though even though it hurts sometimes."
    She grabbed her hands over her small boobs and began to ride me hard.
    Her little pussy was now soaking wet as she was moaning "Yes... Daddy... I love you."
    I couldn't hold back. I yanked her down on me hard, burying my cock to the balls. I groaned loudly as I began spurting into her. Her little pussy twitched and convulsed around my manhood, milking my cum from me.
    We kissed as she professed her love for me. We held each other tightly. Our bodies sweating against each other.
    Her face furrowed into a little frown. "I have class in an hour and half. I don't want to leave you and this ...