1. My Life: Part 09: Early Morning Visit

    Date: 8/16/2022, Categories: Diary , Anal Asian, Ass to Mouth, Consensual Sex Straight Sex Romance / Love Stories Wife / MILF Author: The Story Author, Source: sexstories.com

    Tuesday rolled around yet again. A late night of love making with Katie and Reagan had me starting slow today. They were already both ready and downstairs by the time I rolled out of bed. I quickly showered, letting the warm water wake me up a bit.
    I got dressed and headed downstairs. They were both making some plans for our upcoming vacation. The kids and Katie both had a break from classes in a few weeks and so we were headed on a road trip. As the kids ate breakfast, they were finalizing which hotels we would be at for what days. "How many days are we going to be at Grand Tetons?". Reagan asked.
    "Oh, Grand Tetons... I can't wait to see them!" I replied slyly.
    "Ha ha, I thought you had a great time sightseeing the peaks last night!" Katie said quietly, playing along with my double entendre.
    It was time to get the girls to school but Katie offered to drop them off. "Take your time, finish your breakfast I've got it covered today. I will drop them off between delivering the little one to mom's and going to class."
    After they left, Reagan and I had a mini make out session but unfortunately within minutes she had to go into the home office to attend one of her many daily meetings.
    I had no plans for the day. I knew I was just in the mood for something more low-key today.
    I remembered the key that Naomi had given me. I knew she would probably be home.
    I headed over to her apartment, went upstairs and quietly unlocked the door. The apartment was dark but I could hear the shower running. I removed my shoes and moved silently though the space. I peaked through the crack of the bathroom door and saw Stephanie's shadow in the shower. Perfect.
    I quietly entered Naomi's room. It was still dark and I could hear her softly snoring. I slid gently under her covers and lay next to her.
    "Daddy?" she muttered sleepily.
    She cuddled up against me and soon her quiet snore returned. I lay there in the darkness listening to her breath. I heard Stephanie moving about in her room, then the kitchen, and finally heard her leave for class, locking the door behind her. In the quiet darkness, I drifted off to sleep spooning Naomi.
    I was awoken, the room was a bit brighter but Naomi was still by my side. She was slowly gyrating her butt against my crotch. I noted I was already hard. I look down and saw she was wearing a pair of white panties with cherries printed on them. One top she was wearing a thin white tank top.
    She noticed I was awake. "Oh good morning daddy! Sorry, I am just turned on to find you in my bed when I woke up. It is sooooo sexy!"
    She slipped her panties down and my dick rested nicely between her ass cheeks. She continued to grind against me. As I kissed her shoulder I noticed she had a little smile on her face.
    "What are you smiling about?"
    "Later." she said softly.
    She was gyrating a bit more agressively, and I was harder than a piece of carbon steel.
    Then she suddenly turned over. The softness of her ...