1. Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 02: Mr. G

    Date: 8/15/2022, Categories: True Stories Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Straight Sex Gay Author: profanity89, Source: sexstories.com

    Craigslist Chronicles: Mr. G
    What can I say... Some of the keywords I've been using include; midnight, late, watch, chill, and hang out. It seems a lot of people on here want to hook up right while I'm at work. It seems my work breaks have become my dedicated casual encounter search time. Over the past few months, I've come to learn most of the CL talk and acronyms. It's like a whole other language of blunt speech.
    bi guy, horny as fuck! -29-
    Bi guy here, looking to get blown. Maybe more. Maybe watch some Futurama then see where it goes? Hit me up. 28, 6', 180, 7" cut. Ddf. ub2. Looking for tonight, anytime after midnight.
    Sitting in the break room at work with still a few hours on my shift ago, I thought I'd shoot this guy a message. It's been a few days since Alex and I hooked up, I was craving more. Alex and I continued to text regularly, but his schedule has been pretty hectic. Ever since I first hooked up with Alex, I couldn't help but notice a feeling of fullness returning to me periodically. Like a ghost cock, stretching my anus pushing deep into me. Sure enough, I did a bit of research online, and that's what people actually call it. Ghost Cock. Some people, both men and women, experience it for a few weeks after their first time doing anal.
    It was driving me crazy. It felt fantastic. Every time I started to feel it, I couldn't help but image Alex thrusting into me. As the feeling faded, it left behind an urge for more. About an hour later, I finally got a reply from him. Attached to his email was also a pic of his cock. As soon as I saw it, the feeling of fullness hit me yet again like a freight train. It looked pretty similar to Alex's, but it was a tad bit thicker, and he sported some bright red pubes. Just gazing at it made my cock stir.
    After some back and forth, he wanted to meet at his place, but we'd have to be quiet since he has quite a few roommates. He wanted to sneak me into his room. "God I need to get my own place" I thought to myself.
    At 29, he was almost a decade older than me... When I first started this escapade, I wanted to keep it around my age, but in the heat of the moment and growing hornyness within me, I thought I'd go for it. When he sent me his address, I quickly looked it up on my phone. Thankfully he was only a few miles away. Letting him know I'd be there around 12:30, I continued the rest of my shift horny as hell.
    Starting to plan ahead, I began bringing a change of clothes with me to work for just an occasion like this. When my shift ended, I quickly made my way to the locker room and threw on some sweatpants and a hoodie, I figured I'd leave my boxers off. One less thing to take off...
    As I parked my car down the street from his house, I shot him an email saying I was here. Patiently waiting in my car, a few minutes later I saw him walking towards me wearing a tight wife beater and grey sweatpants. He looked pretty damn fit, had short red hair with a matching short red ...