1. Chapter 4: Just Add Spice

    Date: 8/15/2022, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Straight Sex Mature / Older Masturbation / Toys Author: SaltySooner, Source: sexstories.com

    Just Add Spice
    Over the next few weeks, their lovemaking had not slowed with time or become boring through routine. Paul kept introducing enough new twists to their sex life that she hoped he would never run out of ways to help spice up their lives. However, she had a nagging fear that they would reach a point where her own inhibitions or lack of creativity might cause him to lose interest in her and move on to someone else. That didn't seem to be an immediate threat though, and she was able to put that concern to the back of her mind for the time being.
    There was one occasion where she was getting out of the shower and asked Paul to bring her some clean underwear from her dresser drawer. When he showed up at the bathroom door holding her vibrator in one hand, she stopped toweling her hair dry and felt the blood rush to her face.
    “What’s this,” he asked innocently.
    “It’s my BOB,” she replied trying to snatch it from his hand.
    “BOB?” he asked quizzically.
    “Yes. My battery-operated buddy. BOB. Give it to me, please,” she explained..
    Paul decided to have some more fun with her discomfort. “I guess this means I haven’t been meeting your expectations,” he said with sadness.
    “Not at all,” she replied quickly. “I bought that many years ago when I was still married but my husband and I weren’t having sex anymore. Since I met you, I’ve never needed to use it again. Now, please. Give it to me.”
    Paul handed her the device and as she took it, he quickly picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed.
    “What are you doing?” she asked in alarm.
    “Nothing much. I just wanted to show you that BOB and I aren’t mutually exclusive.” He spread her legs apart and quickly leaned down to start licking her freshly washed pussy.
    “Oh, God! What are you doing down there?” she cried out. Despite her outcry, she didn’t try to push him away or resist. Her initial surprise turned to moans of pleasure as Paul used his mouth to tease and play with her clit.
    She closed her eyes and waited for the intense orgasm that she knew he would stimulate, but he stopped and stood up before she came close to that plateau. Instead, he took the vibrator which had fallen to the bed beside her and began sliding its hard plastic surface lengthwise along the slit of her cunt. Nancy started to sit up, but he flicked on the switch at the base of the device and she immediately feel her clit responding.
    “Oh, God,” was all she kept saying, over and over. She lay back as Paul continued to stimulate her with her toy, showing surprising skill. She watched him release his belt and drop his pants and underwear with one hand, revealing his large, semi-erect cock hanging just below his t-shirt. He moved up to the side of the bed and she felt him enter her wet, throbbing pussy. At the same time as he began thrusting into her, he kept using the vibrator on her exposed clit. At one point, he even tried to slide it inside her pussy along with his cock, but it was too ...