1. Summoning My Succubus Mother Chapter 4: Spanked by the Dominating Teacher

    Date: 8/14/2022, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Voyeur / Exhibitionism BDSM Lesbian Interracial Group Sex Straight Sex Teen Spanking Author: mypenname3000, Source: sexstories.com

    Summoning My Succubus Mother
    Chapter Four: Spanked by the Dominating Teacher
    By mypenname3000
    Copyright 2021
    Note: This is based off a one-off story was commissioned by a fan!
    Brenda and Izolde clung to my arms as we left the cafeteria behind. They had glommed on to me. Like every other girl in school, they had become attracted to me, turned on by my presence. I was a cambion. The son of a succubus. My mother claimed that this was all me.
    “So, uh, you girls on birth control?” I asked, my cheeks burning at the suggestion.
    Purple-haired Izolde grinned at me. “On the pill. So you can just do whatever you want to me, big boy.” She ran her hand down the front of my shirt to grope my cock through my pants. “Anything.”
    I swallowed as she fondled my hard cock. I was swelling up fast from her touch. I wanted to say something, but she wouldn't stop. And no one would care. It was insane that the world let me get away with that threesome in the cafeteria. I had fucked my succubus-mommy and Abby (who was now bonded to me because I knocked her up) in front of most of the college. Not even the professors cared.
    The guys cheered me on while the girls begged for me to fuck them. Brenda, who was on my arm, had a boyfriend. A boyfriend who was cool with me fucking his girl. She even told him she would probably dump him for me. It was insane.
    “I'm not on the pill,” Brenda said. “I make Fred wear a rubber.” She snuggled closer to me, her black hair spilling about her face. “But not you. Mmm, you can fuck me raw all you want.”
    Her hand joined Izolde's on my cock. I shuddered as they both stroked me. If I fucked Brenda raw, I might breed her. Then she would be bound to me. She really would dump Fred. She'd be like Abby. I swallowed, my heart racing.
    “Yeah, I...” I swallowed. “I mean, we don't have to, you know...”
    “Fuck?” Brenda pouted. “Aren't I hot enough?”
    “Nope,” Izolde said. “But I am.”
    Brenda's lower lip trembled. She stared at me with these brown eyes. I groaned. “You're hot. You are.”
    “So you'll fuck me, too?” she asked.
    “We're at school,” I groaned, glancing ahead. “We're almost to Mrs. Spartan's class. Got History next. No time to fuck.”
    “Yes, no time to fuck,” purred Izolde. Her hand squeezed my cock. “So it's time to suck.”
    “Wait, what?” I gasped as we reached Mrs. Spartan's classroom, the door open and inviting. I swallowed as we flowed into it, my heart racing. It pounded this wild beat.
    Mrs. Spartan hadn't arrived. The other students were just starting to sit down. I swallowed as Izolde and Brenda dragged me to the back of the classroom. I slipped past some of the guys in the glass giving me envious looks. Then the two girls shoved me down into a chair.
    I was always so passive. They just did whatever they wanted to me. My mother—who was supposed to be my submissive succubus—Mrs. Hemlock, Abby, and now these two girls. They fell to their knees and crawled beneath the desk, their hands on my ...