1. young fern part one

    Date: 8/13/2022, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Straight Sex Author: islandic, Source: sexstories.com

    Young Fern
    Fern, the young girl next door loves breakfast with her Uncle Mike.
    My next door neighbor, Tom was a handyman and made a very good living out of it doing what most of us had no hope of starting, finishing or completing. Every chance he got he would head off to an old house he was doing up, spending most weekends there and a whole lot of money. He said he could see that this project would bring in much needed revenue when finished and rented out. I couldn't see it.
    He and his daughter, Fern had moved next door when his wife had divorced him and acquired the family home in the settlement. His wife was found to be unfit to keep their daughter and had married and moved away up north.
    I had been more fortunate following my divorce and, with the help of a good divorce lawyer, left the cheating bitch with as little as possible. Tom and I would regularly get together over a beer or two and toast our freedom.
    I'm 35 and 6'2” and coach the local football club, just to keep myself busy and fit. I work from home as an accountant and find that I'm kept quite busy.
    I was having my usual morning coffee on my back veranda when Tom yells out from the fence line. “Mike, I'm heading out to the rental. Could you keep an eye on the place? Won't be long. Fern's here but she's still asleep. I've left her a note on the kitchen table. Thanks mate.”
    I had to laugh. Typical. Must be important to get him to rush off like that. Oh well, I had nothing better to do this weekend.
    I popped over to their house and added to the note Tom had left, that if Fern wanted she could come over and I would make her some breakfast. I then went up the short hall to check on her and peaked into her room. She was sprawled out on her bed with the covers pushed down and off the end of the bed. Lying in what must have been last year’s nightie that was way too small for her budding figure. It had ridden up along her petite frame and was only just covering her small mounds of breasts exposing a flat tummy of porcelain whiteness and a pair of small lacy panties.
    At 4'6” she was almost all legs with long dark brown hair down to her narrow, boyish hips. Pale skin and blue eyes made a pretty package that both Tom and I had commented on and mused over every time she would parade about in her latest style of shorts or tops, or showing off her latest gymnastic move.
    I remember Tom saying, “Going to have my hands full with that one in the not too distant future.”
    I immediately thought that I'd love to have my hands full of that lovely little girl now and in the future. Then I wondered if that wasn't what Tom was meaning in a not to scuttle way. Hmm.
    I stood there inhaling her freshness and enjoying the softness of all the skin on view. She rolled on to her front and I was awarded with the view of the nicest, little butt ever. Especially as her knickers had ridden up into her crack while she slept and looked for all the world like a ...