1. A Temp Comes to the Office (Revised)

    Date: 6/26/2022, Categories: Diary , Anal Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Voyeur / Exhibitionism Group Sex Job / Office Sex Lesbian Author: Risandtylersexscapades, Source: sexstories.com

    Someone told me once that if you want to feel powerful, wear lingerie under your work attire. I have to admit, they were on to something. As I walked through the hallways at Hopkin’s and Strong’s Legal Services this afternoon in my skin tight Burgundy dress and leather boots, I felt so powerful. It made me so damn wet that I slipped off my panties and put them in the folder my boss asked for. I was accelerating my plans for this firm, but I didn't care, I wanted his dick so fucking bad. He darted me an inquisitive eye after reaching the third page I'd left them in. I could feel his desire pulsing through his aura. I can only imagine the level it reached when he found the note on page four… a confession really: "I sure am glad there’s attorney-client confidentiality". On that page I informed my employer that I had broken the company dress code by not wearing anything under my tight, thin dress and he could fully inspect the misdemeanor in the annex copy room after hours. I mention all this to say that I found an even more powerful way to wear this dress than commando: wear it scrunched up around my waist while my boss and his son fuck both of my holes and I lock eyes with the red blinking light of the security camera above us.
    Let me introduce myself. I’m Sam, I’m 5’3, decent rack, slim fit, and a redhead, through and through — in case you were wondering. At 20 I found myself in the only career I could ever want: a temp. I know that sounds ridiculous, and I know it’s probably not a good long term plan, but I just think you, and anyone who feels that way are simply temping wrong. Each office I walk into is a brand new experience, an opportunity to reinvent myself, and explore my identity… Did I say identity? I meant my sexuality. At the paper company I was a blonde bimbo on a diet of cum and pussy. At the insurance firm I was a powerful dominatrix, commanding men to eat me out while I whipped them or dug my stilettos into their back. I worked reception at a warehouse once, by the end of my term the guys had me chained naked to a post 9 to 5. They could take whatever hole they wished, do as they pleased with me, whenever they pleased. In my assessment the foreman wrote that my “award winning customer service earned us several new, long term clients, she’s free to come back any time to lend us her services.”
    I never do come back, that would defeat the purpose, these are my own little novellas. I’ve become an expert at the art of seduction, but H&S seemed to be one of the first where I may not hit 100 (that is sleeping with every employee I interact with). Everyone was all serious, no chance for flirting, even with people checking me out constantly. So how did I finally get the boss and his son, and eventually 100? Well it all starts with Melanie Crawford.
    “You know, Mel, you guys really need a way to unwind at this office.”
    "Oh I know! Those guys are wound tighter than two dollar watch!"
    "Don't worry about it."
    "What do ...