1. Kevin Made Me Gay

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    Kevin Made Me Gay
    Kevin and I have been friends for a long time, not whole life kind of time, but second grade is quite a long time when you’re only eight-teen. I remember the first time we saw each other and I knew we were going to be friends instantly. Kevin was dressed in a brown jumpsuit, the kind worn by ghost busters.
    I come from a small town and was with my parents at the school, meeting the teacher before the start date. Another family showed up today and that was a tad usually for a normal one-on-one meeting. The teacher was discussing those typical school expectations and future events for this particular year when we saw the other family.
    Kevin walks into the classroom with his mom and I yell out “Mom he has a ghost buster outfit on, I want one.” It was much later I learn that Kevin is normally shy around new people, but my sudden outburst of not only recognizing his outfit, but to find it amazing just broke any shell Kevin normally would have up.
    We set down next to each other and begin chatting about all the different things we enjoy. Years went by with little to no real impactful events other then the first time a girl let me kiss her. Well, more of a girl forced me to kiss her. I only remember it because it was something that affected both me and Kevin around the fifth grade.
    Jessica was this tall lanky girl who wore her hair in pigtails nearly every day. Although we would play sometimes, the girl was nothing special to either me or Kevin. One day after school while walk home, Jessica asks to talk with me behind the school wall near the music trailer that our school owns.
    “Only if Kevin can come,” I said with an absent mind to what she wants to talk about. Jessica looks to me and then to Kevin and with a half-smile nods yes that it would be OK for him to join. After we meet her near the wall Kevin let his arms cross his chest and look her up and down.
    “What do you want Jessica”, Kevin inquired. Neither Kevin or I was ready for what happened as Jessica pushes up against me and kisses deep. It was nice and warm but far to shocking for me to react like a man. The feeling of her tongue pushing pass my lips and playfully running along my own tongue froze me in place. I just stood there as a deer in headlights would before Kevin spoke, “Hey, do not just kiss somebody with out asking.”
    Jessica broke the kiss and turns to him. “Your next,” was all she said and then wraps her arms around Kevin and kisses him just as passionately. I could visible see Kevin was disgusted by this kiss and pushes Jessica away hard. A small “Yuck”, leaving his voice as he turned away from Jessica. Laughter resonances as she ran off leaving Kevin and I in a daze of bewilderment. That look on Kevin face was so shocking it was able to burn a memory in my mind. That was the first time I thought Kevin may have had a thing for boys.
    Years would pass and Kevin was still my best friend. He and I grew up and had several of the same events ...