1. raped in my kitchn by an intuder

    Date: 6/24/2022, Categories: True Stories Straight Sex Non-consensual Sex Pregnant, Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: Irene_Ren, Source: sexstories.com

    I was a happy 36-year-old, fairly petite woman, living alone for a few years in an old cottage by a reserve and stream. On a fine but breezy Wednesday afternoon, I came home from work as usual. I had gone out the back to get in my laundry when I heard what I thought was a local stray cat near my back door.
    Returning back inside I put the laundry down in my room to be sorted later and then went to the kitchen to begin making my dinner. As I walked into the kitchen I discovered there was an intruder waiting for me, he looked at me and said. "Hello, Sweetie."
    I freaked at seeing him and he reached out and took hold of me. I started to panic and began to flail uselessly about, trying to break free of his grasp. Fear drove me but there was no escape from his clutches.
    After a couple of minutes, I began to tire, he was much stronger than me, then I slipped and we tumbled to the floor. I felt his grip pull me over and I ended up on my back, with the guy sitting on top of me.
    The guy pulled open my blouse, then pulled up my cami and lifted my bra, he rubbed and squeezed my tits, then he sucked my nipples very hard while I squirmed and writhed under him.
    Then I felt him reach down and begin to pull up my skirt, I tried hard to keep my skirt down, but again he was simply too strong for me. His hand slipped up under my skirt and he began to rub my belly. Then his hand slipped over to my hip and he took hold of my panties, with a firm pull, he eased my panties down until they were stretched across my mid-thighs, and awkward and restricting position for them.
    I felt totally helpless now with my bare pussy exposed to the intruder, he looked down and with a wolfish grin, he commented, "You have a very nice, cute, little girly pussy."
    I felt very ashamed and belittled.
    Then to my horror, the guy unzipped his jeans and withdrew his swollen cock. He then placed his cock along my thighs, aiming his cock directly at my pussy. Deep fear engulfed me again. He was about to rape me.
    His hands found my wrists and without much effort he drew my arms up each side of my head, pinning me down very effectively. Then his weight came down and onto my body, trapping me more. I felt his cock slide up along my thighs then his cock tip pressed against my bare slit.
    I tried to squirm and writhe hoping to keep his cock out, but my panties held my legs together and made it difficult for me to move my legs. He kept on pressing his cock hard up against me, then with a shift in his angle I felt his cock slip down towards my pussy entrance. His cock began to worm its way closer then it started to slowly squeeze into me. I began to cry.
    The guy forced his cock a bit further inside me, then he began to slowly thrust, his cock slipping a little bit deeper each time. I had never been fucked while having my legs together before, it made his cock feel tighter and a bit more awkward. But it also meant that his cock rubbed more firmly on my pussy lips and that ...