1. What Now? Ch. 03

    Date: 5/29/2022, Categories: Gay Author: byEric_Morrison_2021, Source: Literotica

    Alright, I admit I might not be as straight as I thought.
    I might be a little gay... maybe.
    Or bisexual. Yeah, I'm probably bi.
    It's this stupid Ian who's messing with my head. That's totally what it is.
    "You just think about it alright? I'll see you after school."
    That's what he said at lunch after he gave me mind-blowing head and practically told me I could do whatever I wanted to him -- even fuck him -- without expecting anything in return. I think it was that submissiveness that did me in, besides the fact that he was smoking hot.
    The idea of this small, sexy, energetic little boy with an attitude giving me complete power over his body was the nail in the coffin of my straightness. The only thing that came even close to making me as hot as that one sentence from Ian were the times I would make out with Danny, and that -- the fact that my top two sexual fantasies were of guys -- was what destroyed the idea I'd been holding on to that I was just experimenting.
    I might be a stubborn guy, but I'm not stupid, and I'm not one to lie to myself -- anymore. Am I gay? I don't know. Am I straight? Not completely. For now, all I know is I haven't been paying attention to anything my teacher has been saying all period and the bell just rang.
    Ian will be waiting for me at the bus stop.
    I walked out of my classroom and the first thing I saw was Ian. I'd meant to go find him, but he was already there waiting for me outside the classroom. For some reason, this gave me a warm feeling in my chest -- he was as eager about this as I was.
    "Hey," he said, trying to play cool. I could see the excitement in his pretty eyes.
    "Hey," I said back, moving aside so people could get out of the classroom. "You were waiting for me?" I couldn't keep the smile off my voice, or off my face.
    "Get over yourself," he said, again playing it cool, but he was smiling too. "My teacher let us out early, and I just thought it would be more convenient if you didn't have to look for me. It saves time, so we don't miss the bus again." His red bangs had dropped onto his forehead and he flipped them back with his hand. It was sexy.
    "And this had nothing to do with you being excited to see me?" I teased. He smiled.
    "Fuck you," he playfully said, and we both smiled like idiots. "Anyway," he said, breaking the tension that had started to form around us. "I was wondering if maybe you wanna ride the bus with me and come to my house? My mom's not home, so we could talk about how this thing is gonna play out, you know?"
    "Yeah," I said quickly. "Sure." He smiled, pleased with himself that he had sounded cool and calm while I was so eager. I blushed, and that of course made him smile even bigger.
    We both got on the bus, and he put on his earphones while I sat next to him and pulled out my phone. I sent a quick text to my mom telling her I was going to a girl's house so I'd be home later, and she texted me back, asking if it wasthe girl. I sighed and ...