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    The Cruise
    Chapter 1
    Last year I decided to treat myself to a vacation I would remember, I work hard as a computer systems consultant and thought I deserved it, so after a little research into the different types of vacations available a cruise round Europe caught my eye, this was duly booked and preparations made.
    I really need to describe myself, I'm 36 years old, six foot tall fairly well built blue eyes and short cropped fair hair I'm not too bad looking although I say it myself, I've never had any trouble with the lady's
    After a long tiring flight and coach journey I arrived at the port in Stockholm, which is in Sweden. I boarded the Ship which was massive the whole thing was quite impressive, we set sail at 6pm, after a very nice dinner I had a wander around the ship I decided to have an early night as I was worn out
    The next morning we arrived in Helsinki in Finland, as I had previously worked for a large consortium in Helsinki, I chose to stay on board and just relax and familiarise myself with the ship, and getting to know where everything was.
    Most of the passengers left the ship on organised day trips so the ship seemed very deserted, apart from the staff that was busy doing their thing.
    Just after lunch, I ended up at a small coffee bar, ordering a Latte from a pretty young Russian girl called Natasha, we chatted for a while and she said that today was her last day as her contract was ending. She was to leave for home before seven this evening when the ship was due to set sail. She spoke with a very sexy thick Russian accent, when she passed me the receipt to sign for the drink she had written "Your cabin 30 minutes", I signed her part an pushed the other into my pocket, she gave me a sexy wink with a slight pout, I walked away a little exited and a little confused I went straight to my cabin and tidied up just in case, I decided to freshen up I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard a light tap on the cabin door, I wrapped myself in a towel and opened it.
    Natasha was standing there holding a tray with a coffee on it "Your coffee sir" she said quite loudly for the benefit of anyone caring to listen and brushed straight past me giving me a wicked smile, I closed the door she put the tray down on the table, she stood by the bed the bed and looked at me purring in her sexy accent "I don't have long I only have an hour”, as I looked at her I thought she must be twenty two or twenty three and about five foot one tall and very petite, she began removing her clip-on tie and unbuttoning her white blouse, which she threw on the chair, she wasn’t wearing a bra her breasts now in full view and I would say they were the best I've ever seen, possibly a C cup they looked natural and firm against her slim frame, she sat on the edge of the bed, I reached down and cupped one with my right hand feeling it's firmness and her hardening nipple in my palm, with a smile she pulled away my towel leaving me naked before her ...