1. Heptapod

    Date: 5/29/2022, Categories: Poems Author: elliotlacey31, Source: LushStories

    There's an entire language here,it will enjoin us soon enough,it will separate us in time.
    I can almost touch the words from here,alien swirls and parallels that couldstream in and out and back througheach other in endless intricate swirls,reckless until we see a pattern emerge.
    And I soon felt the years weave through us,like beautiful tethers movingthe ether of before and after,how time wasn't something measuredeven though we use numbers to bind it,to mark as something that belongs to us.
    I could see everythingbetween us fold and unfold,no longer as a divide but touchingwas far too much to take in.
    You will not be able to forgive me.
    It will enjoin us soon enough,it will separate us in time.
    And I can still touch you from here,breathe in the scent of your skinand count its every unique particleto mark as something that belongs to me.
    I can weave through you like a starglowsoundlessly racing to one day lighta lover's face in its absolute and ghostlycelestial rainbows soon to burstagainst the unfathomable darkness.
    I could fold and unfold forever inside you.
    And if you could see as I doafter time truly binds nothingdown to the very last still atom,see what we created togetherno matter how fleetingher brilliant light was.
    And to know it will in pain,to know such connective tissuesmay leave us with hope afterstripping that which will alwaysreside closest to the heart,I would do it again.
    I would do it every time.
    And maybe you willcome to forgive me.