1. A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 04

    Date: 5/28/2022, Categories: Trans Author: byMicheleNylons, Source: Literotica

    Chapter Four -- Motive, Means and Opportunity
    Steve Edwards was continually amazed that the average civilian thought that detectives had some sort of super power when it came to solving crimes. They believed TV that shows where CSI techs wearing Armani suits or Prada skirts found murderers by putting a hair sample into a machine that gave them the perpetrator's name, current whereabouts and shoe size or that police officers studied a crime scene and suddenly had an 'Ah Ah!' moment that solved the case.
    The reality is that most of it was pure grunt work. Interviewing people, analysing the evidence and using open sources to tie clues and suspects together.
    For instance what did Steve know about Felicity Benson? Spencer Duvall had visited her club the night he was murdered and Spencer had even spoken to her. Felicity was in Houston when Benjamin Roach and Jamaal Washington were murdered. A woman of similar features was seen in the vicinity of the crime scene but that didn't mean much as the area around the motel and truck shop was lousy with women who wore too much makeup, short skirts and high heels... but rat-face was pretty certain that it was Felicity.
    Steve knew nothing about drag queens but he had quickly educated himself using open source material on the internet. Drag had become a form of mainstream entertainment during the second decade of the twenty-first century mainly due to the popularity of the TV show RuPaul's Drag Race and had jumped the fence from being a niche trend in the gay scene to become a valid art form in its own right.
    Most of the queens had drag names that held subtle or obvious innuendo with references to drugs and sex or had names that were simply wordplay. The innuendo in the name Felicity Goodnite was obvious. Most of the famous queens had large local, national and even international followings and their fans could be quite militant and overzealous. Felicity Goodnite was no exception and several websites were dedicated to her and her drag sisters who were regular performers at Ride em' Cowgirl. She even had her own Wiki page.
    Her early years at Balwyn College were documented including her decision to transition. It took Steve only seconds to determine that she had attended the same college as Benjamin Roach, Carl Huntley, Jamaal Washington, Spencer Duvall and William Turner at the same time. Pictures of her from that period showed a stunning young woman who exuded charm and sensuality although it was stated that she had an acerbic wit on which she had based her act.
    Her talents had led her to being invited to compete on a season of Drag Race although she hadn't made the final four. This experience had boosted her career incredibly.
    According to the open source information, Felicity identified as a transgender woman and had never had a long-term romantic relationship although she admitted to being bisexual and sexually active. She owned Ride em' Cowgirl outright and her business associates were ...