1. Getting Out Of The Rut Chapter 7

    Date: 5/28/2022, Categories: Novels, Author: Whitebeard, Source: LushStories

    Back to work
    The clinic took blood and other stuff from all the places you might expect. There was some suspense but we ended up all clear. I wasn’t surprised but Carol was was obviously scared. Insisting on going to the clinic stripped away any pretence that what she’d been doing was harmless fun.
    Seeing my filmed material at home was one thing but being naked in front of medical staff, having needles stuck in you— that kind of stuff is different, especially if you let it get to you, and Carol did let it get to her.
    She was good until we got home and then she collapsed into a snivelling heap. My task changed right then, I had to love her back onto an even keel. I know there are plenty of folk who'd say I should rub it in but I couldn't see how that would help either of us.
    The whole experience with being caught out and then me insisting on the clinic had a flattening effect on Carol. She said she was okay with everything but I knew I had some work to do if we were not to sink back into a more vanilla life. The problem was figuring where to start because this was all new to me.
    We took the pictures down from the walls. Carol was in two minds about that, arguing that she needed to be punished more. I couldn't see the point in that. We needed to move forward but she kept all the pictures and insisted on getting some simple frames with quick release backs so she could put a new picture up any time. She had one on the back of her wardrobe door from then on and sometimes I'd find one on the bedroom wall.
    You might think I’d be glad to have a dutiful wife back but it wasn’t that simple. We had to avoid getting back in a rut, but on top of that, she had to go back to work, to do what amounted to her job and Dean’s, with other folk curious to know what happened to Dean and Jay. Luckily, my work was flexible so I could go with her when she was away, at least for the first few times. I could do my freelance work from the hotel.
    “Why not keep the belt on at work,” I said, “and let’s concentrate on your work and getting you on an even keel.”
    “And being incredibly frustrated,” she said.
    "I didn't say that you had to leave it on at night. I plan on coming with you for a couple of weeks."
    She thought the first week would be hell for her. She knew that at every meeting the client would want to know what happened to Dean. We spent the whole time on the way to the hotel rehearsing different things she could say. In the end, we settled for one line.
    "He fell out with the boss. It's all confidential, you'll have to ask headquarters."
    That ought to shut off most questions. We had one fall back— "One thing I do know is that it's nothing to do with money or trade. Any orders that have been acknowledged by head office are safe, anything else, let me know." That was to maintain customer confidence as much as anything but also to give Carol a chance to pick up on anything that Dean had started but not finished.
    That first night back ...