1. Back Seat Accident_(1)

    9/27/2022: "Hurry up Nena", I called exasperatedly up the stairs. "I am coming, I am coming," was my answer. We had just finished first place the week before in all our events for our swim team. As part of the celebration the coach had set up an unofficial get together at the water park. I mean unofficial only because the school was not going to be paying for it. Instead our coach set it up for us. Now read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Consensual Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism First Time Hardcore, Humiliation Incest / Taboo Non-consensual Sex Teen Author: WildUntammedFluffy, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Alice, pt1

    9/27/2022: I don't see many hitch hikers these days, and certainly not single women. To be honest, my first instinct as I stopped to let her into the cab was to feel protective. Who knew what sort of pervert might pick her up? Of course, that pervert turned out to be me, and I needn't have worried on her behalf. She was quite capable of taking care of herself. In retrospect I pity anyone who ever did cause read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Voyeur / Exhibitionism Oral Sex / Blowjob Water Sports / Pissing, Author: icarusnm, Source: sexstories.com
  3. test888

    9/27/2022: “Nope, I’m going to go bearing gifts of truth. She was warned, the contract states very specifically a gag order for me, my team and everything we do. I cannot let this slide,” I tell her and see her boys looking on from upstairs. “But she was trying to help me,” Claire says trying to win me over. “Claire you’re a good person, you have good children. I’m not a good person but I have a code, read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Author: Bella Morgan, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Alphia Corporation - Chapter 7A

    9/27/2022: Carrie had had a long day Monday and Sam got up quietly early Tuesday, trying not to wake his sleeping wife. He was rewarded with a happy wriggle and a sleepy murmur when he kissed her blonde head. The sound of the shower starting only barely registered read Sex Story
    Categories: Cuckold Author: Hogwash, Source: LushStories
  5. Into the Womb

    9/27/2022: I got a strange e-mail one day. Initially I dismissed it as spam, since I had no idea who the sender called “your_first_time@gmail.com” was. The subject line said “Would you be interested?” I opened the mail, and well, it was porn. The writing was mediocre and the editing had some issues, but most notably it seemed to be about a mother having sex with her own son. While that certainly wasn’t read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Author: JDecker, Source: sexstories.com
  6. Sex with the neighbours

    9/27/2022: I was first married at 21 but for the wrong reasons, the main one being that I made my future wife pregnant on my 21st birthday when I had eventually took her virginity as my 21st birthday present! We really did love each other but we were both too young and as our life together progressed we knew we were not developing our relationship and drifted into an existence that was satisfactory but not read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Voyeur / Exhibitionism Group Sex Masturbation / Toys Author: Blakeseven, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Exactly What It Looks Like

    9/27/2022: “I’m heading to the store, you need anything?” Erin asked as she walked toward the door of our apartment. “No, sis, I’m fine,” I replied, wanting to get her out the door as quickly as possible. “Alright, I’ll be back later,” and with that, her auburn locks disappeared out the door. I listened closely for her to leave, car door slams, engine starts, and then off she goes. Finally, it was read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Ass to Mouth, Bisexual Blackmail, BDSM Humiliation Teen Trans Author: into_everything, Source: sexstories.com
  8. A wedding for sluts. Part 1 The Aunt

    9/27/2022: "Get fucked Liz." I scoffed over the phone. I was calling it quits with my awful girl friend. What's wrong with Liz? She's selfish, ignorant, and lazy. Oh we used to fuck like porn stars but that shit ended months ago. Whatever magic there was a year ago was long gone. "Its always the same shit with you. I'm tired you're boring and we're done." She threatened to call the cops to get read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories Oral Sex / Blowjob Drug, Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Author: Genauthor1235, Source: sexstories.com
  9. My First Experience

    9/27/2022: I had always been with woman. In my sex with woman I've always been very dominating and I loved it but my fascination was always in being dominated by an even more dominating man. Like compete, lose and get dominated. I thought this is time. I started online and found a super hot partner. He told me that he likes more or less the same thing but he doesn't necessarily wants to dominate but wanted us to compete. He said we'd compete and whoever wins will dominate. We made each other promises. If he won he'll take me like I can never have imagined before, and if I won I'll take him as if he was read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay Incest / Taboo Author: YouNMe1969, Source: xHamster
  10. Queen Yavara: Chapter 35

    9/27/2022: To those who did not read Queen Yavara: Adrianna’s Story, I’ve included a synopsis of it below. The story was a novella that detailed Adrianna’s transformation and evolution of character, and encompasses chapters 28 through 34. Adrianna’s Story synopsis Adrianna employs her skills as a commander to rule over the wild population of tribespeople and Ardeni immigrants. She earns their respect read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Bisexual Torture, Trans Author: White Walls, Source: sexstories.com